Travel Insurance for your Costa Del Sol holiday 

Travel Insurance
When booking a holiday, organising travel insurance is probably the least exciting part, but it is essential.  An insurance policy for your holiday gives you the peace of mind, that if in case you or a member of your family fall ill or obtain an injury, you will be able to get medical advice or treatment without having to pay thousands for medical bills.  There are many different options to consider when choosing travel insurance, so here are some tips to help you decide…

1.Always read the small print.  Make sure your policy includes 24 hour emergency medical advice, hospitalisation and repatriation (bringing you back to the Uk).

2.Make sure you specify any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer, as if illness or injury is caused from an underlying illness you already have, you won’t be covered with a normal insurance policy.  The same goes for if you are pregnant or are wishing to participate in a dangerous sport while abroad.  This means that the chance you will need to claim increases, therefore an insurance policy may be dearer.  Always check with your insurer if you aren’t sure.  

3.Almost everyone is accustomed to have a few well-earned drinks on holiday, but make sure overindulgence doesn’t ruin your chance to claim on your insurance.  If an illness or injury is alcohol related you may not be liable to claim.  So know your limits!

4.Many people who take out travel insurance do not know that you can claim for damage or theft on personal belongings or money.  With personal belongings, if you lose or damage them you can claim back the total of money they are worth now.  Also, if your money gets stolen or you lose it, most insurance companies will refund you with a (capped) amount of money.  Make sure you check that the insurer offers these facilities, and remember that your claim will not be successful if you don’t notify the local police within 24 hours of the item’s theft.  

5.If you are lucky enough to enjoy more than one holiday per year, then take out an Annual Trip policy.  As opposed to a Single Trip policy, an Annual Trip policy covers you for 12 months, so any other holiday you go on in that year you will be covered for travel insurance.  This may be cheaper than taking out several Single Trip policies throughout the year.  

6.Don’t take out the first travel insurance policy you come across. The insurance market is particularly competitive, so you are likely to come across a cheaper deal. Compare travel insurance online to try and find a cheaper deal. 

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