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“Los Claveles” is a charity that has been formed with the specific aim of raising funds to finance radiotherapy equipment at the Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella, at a projected cost of 4 million Euros. 

The idea of forming our charity is as a result of either our own personal experiences, or those of friends, whether they are Spanish or foreign residents. 

We invite all interested groups, associations, clubs and members of the public to attend our Open day, and we should be most grateful for any offers of voluntary help with fundraising and with our campaign for public awareness. A short presentation of the purpose and aims of the charity will be given at 12:00 noon, though members of the committee will be available throughout time to answer any questions and give out information.

Currently, patients requiring radiotherapy are treated at the Carlos Haya Hospital, CROASA or Parque San Antonio, all of which are in Málaga. Whilst the standard of treatment given in Málaga is excellent, the services of the radiotherapy departments are stretched to their limit as the catchment area for patients includes those living in districts as far away as Ronda, Sotogrande, Estepona and Marbella.

Having to travel to Málaga from such distances is extremely stressful and exhausting for these cancer patients – particularly as patients have to make this journey on a daily basis for several weeks, with appointments often stretching late into the evening. 

In the coming year, an estimated 6,000 cancer patients resident in Andalucía will require treatment.  It is estimated that 65% of cancer patients will need to receive radiotherapy as part of their ongoing cancer treatment. In 2003 an oncology department was opened in Marbella within the Hospital Costa del Sol to administer chemotherapy treatment to cancer patients living within the catchment area of the hospital. Funds allocated to the hospital are sufficient to cover the infrastructure and installation costs for a radiotherapy unit, but not the machinery. 

Los Claveles received its official charity status in February 2005, and we are confident of achieving our goal of raising 4 million Euros for radiotherapy machinery at the Hospital Costa del Sol, Marbella, within three years.  We are equally positive of the support that will be available to us both from the public and companies within the Andalucía region.

For further information, please contact: 

Marion Winter, President – Tel: 952 863 926 / 617 729 

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