in La Cala de Mijas

January 1  New Year's Day  
January 6  The Kings 
February 28  Andalucia day  
April 9 Maundy Thursday  
April 10  Good Friday  
May 1  May Day  
August 15  Assumption Day  
October 12  Hispanic Day  
October 16th La Cala local Fiesta
November 1  All Saints Day  
December 6  Constitution Day  
December 8  Day of the Imaculate Conception  
December 25  Christmas Day  
Bank Holidays - Andalucians enjoy 14 banks holidays a year. 10 National, 2 regional and 2 local. we list here the national and regional ones. The local holidays will usually fall on the day of the patron saint of the town. 
The Easter week processions compete with one another in luxury and splendour. The parades leave each of the town´s churches to wind slowly around the streets, with their lifelike statues of Christ on the Cross and his mother the Virgin Mary in mourning. The processions are organised by the religious brotherhoods, representing guilds of tradesmen or other groupes. They spend all year long preparing the elaborate costumes and decorations. This is a serious fiesta and fireworks are not permitted. Drinking and celebrating is still fround upon by many. 
San Isidro 
15th May. San Isidro is the patron saint of the farmers, and many villages celebrate his day with a procession through the fields and a fiesta, as well as agricultural trade shows.  
La Virgen del Carmen 
La Virgen del Mar (Virgin of the Sea) is the patron saint of Almería, and her statue is born on a carriage decorated with flowers to the hermitage dedicated to her. The most stirring moment of the procession is when she is taken from the lighthouse to the dock by boat. 
La Virgen del Carmen is the protectress of seamen, and at the end of day on July 16th the towns and fishing villages of the coast parade their statues of her by the water, and set sail in gaily adorned boats, accompanied by the blowing of horns and bursts of fireworks in the night sky.

The three Kings
The three Kings festival on January 6th / 7th is favourite with the children of our village.         This is when Christmas gifts are given and opened - there are street processions with the three kings on floats throwing sweets for the children to catch. 
Festival of San Juan
Saint John´s feast - San Juan - is held on the night of the 24th of June, and is celebrated on Andalucia´s beaches - along the entire coastline with bonfires and fireworks. There is an Andalucian tradition to dip your feet in the sea just after midnight. Why not join in.
Andalucia Day
The 28th of February is Andalucia day and throughout this Fiesta the village streets are decorated with bunting  and the village becomes a mass of green and white - the colurs of Andalucia. Children wear masks and the re is dancing and parties in the streets. The mood of fiesta runs throughout the whole month of February.
Patron Saints Day
January is the month of San Anton - the Patron Saint of MIjas. This is a particulaly colourful festival when carriages and carts full to overflowing with flowers and food are carried to the hermitage. This culminates in an open air party and general celebration. The streets are lined with stalls plying locally made bread and the general arts and crafts for which the area is famous.
Mijas Carnival
This is perhaps the "Big Event" Mijas area carnival. Throughout the last two weeks of September everything begins to wind down and the entire area takes part in the Mijas Carnival - known locally as the Ferial. Village streets are closed, most businesses close for the second week, food and drink is served in the streets by local bars and restaurants plus you will find street musicians and every kind of entertainment. The Ferial or local fair ground is the base of the annual fun fair which arrives at the beginning of the month and takes two weeks to build. The local children look forward with anticipation to this event. The fair runs well into the early hours of every morning.

Market Days
La Cala de Mijas - Saturday  
Mijas Costa        - Wednesday and Friday at Urbanization Calypso
Fuengirola          - Tuesday at the Recinto Ferial ( town fairground)